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Mina Tindle

Mina Tindle is a young Parisian musician who, over the last few years, has lent her voice to a wide range of different musical projects. She has sung with The National on Boxer, with J.P. Nataf on Claire (and her own debut album) and with Toy Fight on Peplum. Gaetan Roussel invited her to sing Talking Heads songs with him on acclaimed French music television show Taratata and she worked with Sergio Dias from Os Mutantes and the Palmtree Family to recreate the rich vocal harmonies of Vinicius de Moraes and Baden Powell.

A self-confessed latecomer as a musician, she didn’t start making music until her early twenties when she moved to New York. Developing her own sound and mixing with the local scene and artists like Beirut, who’s Ben Laz contributes the trombone to her album, Grizzly Bear and The National, which lead to her singing on their acclaimed album Boxer.

“I had been singing, as had my entire family forever so music had always been around,” she remembers. “My mother is an amazing singer but she never did anything other than a couple of shows, and singing other peoples’ songs. But for me it was nothing professional,” she continues “so I guess it was not an option or I did not think it was something I could do for a living.”

Her debut album "Taranta" was released by Believe Recordings in May 2012, and was written with acclaimed frontman of French pop/new wave icons The Innocents, JP Nataf. The singles from the album include "To Carry Many Smalls Things" and "Bells".





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